The best campaign counter-attack video I HAVE EVER SEEN. Obama 2012 

”So we’re going to call their BS when we see it and we need your help to call them on it too and set the record straight. So share this, tweet it, facebook it, I keep hearing about tumblr and whatever that is…please use that too. Thank you.”

-Stephanie Cutter / Deputy Campaign Manager at Obama for America. 

Tumblr becoming something mainstream is going to really help Obama win this campaign. I use tumblr to look at pictures of food and kittens, but I also follow the Boston Globe to keep on up local news, I follow Brooklyn Mutt and also Daily What to keep up on bigger issues. I also follow the Obama campaign to keep track of that. Tumblr is turning into a great resource to stay up-to-date with current events and it’s great to spread the word quickly. 

I’m sick of seeing all these hate ads on Obama. Do you know what Romney will do for students? Put the middlemen back in the loan business, causing us to lose money. What about the country’s deficit? Romney strongly supports a plan that would increase the deficit and give more tax breaks to the richWhat about taxes? He certainly won’t increase his own, despite the rich wanting to be taxed. Health care? He’d rather you be denied because of a pre-existing condition, and make sure you couldn’t be covered by your parents if you’re a young adult who can’t afford healthcare and would otherwise be without.

If you still think Romney is the right choice, I urge to you strongly reconsider, do some research, and think about you and your children’s future.

Obama, 2012.

You have no idea how much I love Obama and his team! They’re doing so much for us and people don’t even see it! Plus they’re awesome and show actual qualities of normal human beings (as shown by this video).


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